Tuesday, May 21, 2013

And Nevermind

So, I had a post written up and waiting to be published about all the endurance goodness that's going on in preparation for this weekend. And the ride that I have been looking forward to FOREVER that was supposed to happen this weekend got canceled which was a huge bummer. So disappointed. Apparently something happened with their permits, so they're not able to hold any rides there until possibly this fall which sucks because it sounds like such a nice camp!

Goodies! A saddle bag for my dressage saddle in the most wonderful color, a phone holder and some electrolyte tabs

So now to figure out another ride that I can actually make. All my weekends are super busy with other shows that I really want to go to, so it's sort of an eenie-meenie-miney-mo game for which show I want to do. Dressage? Jumper? Endurance?

The next possible date looks like maybe the 22nd of June which just sounds so far off now...

It does look like this is going to be the summer of dressage, which I'm super excited about. Even with our lackluster scores at our past two shows, it still means that we have enough to go to the League Championship in my area which is kind of exciting. Us, in a championship? I mean it's not too fancy, it's just a league show and the requirements are fairly minimal, but it sounds like fun. The only problem is that you can't carry a whip in a championship class. At first thought, this isn't a huge problem since we haven't been showing with a whip and only schooling with one rarely. BUT, they don't offer First Level test 1 there, only test 2 and 3, both of which have leg yields and we still need a bit more encouragement there, so I may have to test out my spurs and see if that helps.

Then we are pretty much for sure attending our first recognized show in July! I'm so excited. We will definitely be a little out of place with all the fanciness that occurs there, but I don't care. It will be fun! I'm planning on making the League Championship our first "overnight" show, but at least I've been to the barn where the recognized show is being held. We attended a JR/YR camp there almost two years ago that was several days long.

We will have a show or clinic almost every weekend in June which is insane to me. Since our dressage team ended up not being able to show in IDA (Intercollegiate Dressage Assoc.) we have a lot of money to spend on sending members to shows so otherwise this would not be possible!

The plan for Jetta is to focus a lot on dressage because it's just been kind of lackluster. I want better work, especially because our last couple arena rides have been awful. Jetta had a date with the side reins yesterday which will help a little bit with accepting contact, but she just really needs to get steadier. I'm hoping to squeeze a dressage lesson or two in with TS because I know that will help a ton. Then some more jumping of course. I'd like to go school xc at least once before the one-day horse trial. Then we have an xc clinic the week after, then probably go school at least twice before the big Inavale show. So much to look forward to!

Queenie has been doing well, which I will post about later!


  1. Exciting times!!! Sucks about the endurance being cancelled.