Monday, May 27, 2013

Triple the Trouble

Managed to ride all three girls this morning!

Everyone was inside which made it a little easier since it was super windy and raining out so at least they were all dry and I didn't have to trek out in the mud to catch them since apparently Misty doesn't understand the whole "come here" thing and Jetta has decided that since there is a new mare in her pasture, she is under no obligation to come when I call and instead chases all the other horses around the pasture. Brat. If she doesn't watch herself I might ask that she gets put in the small dry lot paddock by herself!

Anyways, all the mares were pretty good. Misty was up first. I started her out on the lunge line with side reins. They were super loose because 1) they don't fit her cause she's so tiny and 2) I wanted her to get used to them since I'm sure she hasn't worn them in a while since my barn owner last owned her. She wasn't too happy about them, but they weren't restricting her, it was just basically the weight of them coming into play. Regardless, I think they helped her get an idea of what I was asking her undersaddle since I thought our ride was better today. I also rode with a dressage whip which was helpful in getting her to maintain a steady tempo and asking for that right lead canter.

I tried to take some pictures of her being pretty on the lunge, but mostly failed.

At the walk she gets behind the bit and breaks at the 3rd vertebrae instead of at the poll so we worked on that a bit. I've decided to focus on more dressage stuff first before we move to western and going to a loose rein/slow pace, etc. She really does have a nice trot, but the canter needs work. We'll break out the trot/canter poles eventually to help with that. I asked for a little bit of leg yield at the walk and she tried. We'll need to work a little more on getting her to move her haunches over. Regardless, it was a good ride.

Jetta was next and wasn't quite as good. She was a little uppity and kept trying to canter, but other than that we had a good ride. Our leg yields are feeling quite nice even without carrying a dressage whip! I think that Jetta's feeling left out or is just plain trying to destroy herself because she came in from the pasture with a nice cut on her knee, a kick mark on her flank, several large bug bites and a patch of hives on the left side of her neck. Geez mare.

And then Queenie was last and she was just her plain old good self. So it was a rather good morning at the barn, though it culminated in me locking my keys in my car and having to wait another hour for AAA to come unlock it. So they all get a good grooming.

I got to run home and get some of my western tack that I haven't used in a while to try on Misty. Hopefully the saddle will fit better and I hope my bridle fits her too!

Yes, those first three faces you see are mine. I basically own half the barn.


  1. Misty is so cute! Love her markings/coloring!

  2. You might own half the barn, but you own it with style! Beautiful girls! :)

  3. Wow 3 in a day... Jeez. Impressive. Glad that you're enjoying the new girl!