Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I had a great ride on Queenie on Monday. I decided that we'd go explore some new trails since it was going to be possibly the only sunny day this whole week and it's now back to raining.

We had the lot all to ourselves...

This set of trails is closer than the other park we've been going to, only 30 minutes away, but boy is the road curvy and narrow!

Starting off
We made it there safely and had the whole horse camp to ourselves. It's really neat because there's campsites with corrals if you want to stay overnight. Neat! I'd love to go horse camping someday - well, that's basically what endurance is going to be, but still.

Queenie was bright eyed and bushy tailed coming off the trailer. She LOVES going on the trails. She had her head up and was looking all around. The first half of the trails I had to keep her on a short rein, simply because she's so ADD that wherever she looks, she goes, so we're weaving all over the trail, going through bushes, etc because she's like "Oh look! Over there, let's go over there! No wait, let's go that way! Ooh, ooh, what about that way?!" I have to remind her that I'd rather not go offroading through the thorn bushes.

The first part of the trails we went on were all graveled. You almost immediately cross a very pretty stream. Queenie had no qualms about going through. Her hooves were great on the gravel too, even with some big sharp rocks mixed in. We crossed a narrow bridge, then came across an old road that had been closed off with a large bridge to cross. All no problem. We cantered a little on the flat road, then reached where the trails started going up hill. These trails were all dirt, but with the recent rain they were a little slick, especially for Queenie with her big hooves.

Crystal clear stream

We went uphill for a bit, just walking on a loose rein. Queenie was so good, I could just ride her on a loose rein all day. There were a lot of downed trees and logs and stumps, and besides giving them a good snort and stare, she didn't spook at them at all. When the trail started to go downhill again, we turned around because I didn't want to wear poor Queenie out completely and I wasn't sure how long the loop we were on was going to be, and we retraced our steps back the the trailer.

Pretty sure we're not 20 tons... just 1 ton, lol.

The old bridge for cars to drive over

Such a good pony - her new nickname is QATV - Queenie All Terrain Vehicle :) We stopped at the creek for a quick drink, then untacked at the trailer and I let Queenie graze for a while. We loaded back up and got back to the barn just in time for the girls to get their toes trimmed! A perfect way to spend the day.

Well deserved graze