Sunday, May 26, 2013

Day One

I went out and rode Misty for the first time this morning. She was out in the pasture and didn't even look up when I approached her. In fact I had to put the lead rope around her neck and pull her head up to halter her because she wouldn't stop grazing, lol. Definitely food motivated.

She was quite antsy in the cross ties, but she hasn't been ridden in a while. She has a habit of picking up her front leg and holding it there instead of pawing, because I guess she knows she's not allowed to paw. I put my barrel saddle on her and it fits ok, but I think it's too wide so I'm going to get my other western saddle from home to try on her. She's soooo small! The saddle looks big on her. I couldn't find my height tape but I need to see how tall she is. JS said she thought she was 15 hands but hadn't measured her. I don't think she's even that...

I didn't have a western bridle to use on her, but I used Jetta's dressage bridle. It was almost too big, so I might have to get her a cob sized bridle. It worked though.

After a quick lunge I got on. She knows a little bit of everything, but she's not finished. She knows how to give to pressure on the bit, but she doesn't know how to maintain contact or to carry her head in one place. She doesn't maintain gait very well, her right canter lead is a little sticky. She has a pretty good halt and back, but she isn't very good about being straight. She knows how to move her shoulders and her haunches but doesn't know how to leg yield or do any lateral work. But she seems pretty game to learn. She wasn't too sure what I was asking, but she tried.

Afterwards I decided to forgo the bath since it was a little cold out and she was just going to be turned out in the muddy pasture again. I put some thrush meds on her hooves, some meds on her leg for the scratches and then gave her a good brushing. She's got a really pretty mane, it's long and has a white stripe in it. Her tail is rather nice too, though how all of those things did not add up to a nice forelock, I don't know. It's just kind of floofy. So I just rubber banded it. After our ride she stood in cross ties just fine.

"Get my good side"

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