Monday, May 6, 2013

Stress Relief Therapy

Well this was going to be quite the downer post since everything right now seems to be falling apart in terms of school, but I was able to go out to the barn and put things in perspective - what I'm going through is NOT that big of a deal - and have a good ride on both girls.

My housing plan for next year fell through and I'm kicking myself for not following through with the home owner and for trusting someone who I think of as a good friend to look out for me. And also kicking myself for turning down another house offer because I thought I had it covered. So I may be living at the barn with my horse next  year since I can find no other options at this point... At least the tack room is heated - I could set up a cot, there's a fridge, sink and microwave in the club room and hot water in the wash rack!

Then there's my honors thesis. I have to have my thesis proposal in by the end of this term (less than 6 weeks away) and I have no idea what to do my project on, not even who will be my mentor for the project. Just feeling sort of lost at this point.

Just had a minor melt down last night, especially because I was worried about Jetta not being herself, have two midterms this week and am just feeling downright sucky. Anyways, enough whining, back to the ponies:

I got to the barn and the girls were both turned out in the sunshine. This weather is a major mood boost. Queenie had a fly mask on - I keep forgetting to get the poor girl one and I have to order it online because she needs a warmblood size and no one carries that size locally. But lo and behold the barn owner found a draft size mask in her tack collection and put it on Queenie and said I could keep it. Love this barn!

She is obviously not as excited about the fly mask as I am!

I rode Queenie and had one of the best rides on her. She was super good about going slow and maintaining her tempo and keeping her head down. She has trouble maintaining a consistent tempo and will randomly speed up at intervals and still is not that responsive to requests to slow back down (unless of course you just ask for a halt). But we didn't have that problem today! Even with the door open, she was a gem. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we've conquered the "Open Door ADD" that seems to occur when the arena door is open because today after a couple firm reminders that we ignore what's going on outside (aka Jetta running around like a hooligan), she passed the door multiple times without going all periscope head on me or quickening her stride.

Such a good pony! Then we had one of the best canters ever too. Her transitions aren't all that great yet, but she just seemed way more relaxed today, especially to the left. I was able to give her a little bit more rein without her popping her head up and she remained balanced and didn't rush. I was super pleased with her today.

Jetta going in for the roll... I swear she's like a dog sometimes. She literally dug a hole to lay down in.
Jetta didn't quite follow Queenie's stellar example, but she seemed back to her normal obnoxious self at least. Funny how small "misbehaviors" can be cause for celebration, like bobbing her head and fidgeting in the cross ties. She was a little argumentative at the beginning of our ride but mellowed out a bit as the ride went along. We got some nice trot work in where she felt like she was really using her hind end and swinging in her back. Then we had one of our best simple lead changes to date! The downward transition from canter to walk still requires about three or four trot strides, but today her upward transition was near perfect. That made me happy because I feel like that's one of the main movements holding us back from doing second level work.

Both ponies got hosed off and turned back outside, then I cleaned a bunch of tack. No ride tomorrow but I'm still planning on doing some cross country Wednesday!

Keeping it classy with the breeches, socks and flip flops in 80 degree weather


  1. Sorry youre having housing frustrations... It will all work out. :)

  2. I sure hope so... most people have already signed their leases for next year so I'm way behind the eight ball. Like I said, I may be sharing the barn with the horses, lol.

  3. Haha! There are most definitely worse things then living with the ponies! Hope it all works out.

  4. Haha, very true! Sometimes it just takes a little perspective :)

  5. Sorry you're having problems. I hope it all works out :(

  6. That all sounds really frustrating - it's okay to whine sometimes!

  7. ugh what a pain! Hope that you can get a perfect place to live!

  8. Thanks guys! It really helps sometimes to whine, as annoying to some people as that might be :)