Sunday, September 23, 2012


Finally back to the star of this whole show - I got to ride my pony today! After a nearly four hour "training" for the dressage team (the most worthless four hours I have ever spent...) I finally got out to the barn. I got out there at 7pm and had the whole barn to myself. Of course, then I had to figure out the important stuff, like where the light switches all were and what the code for the tack room was. Luckily I had a nice little ride on Jetta.

Pretty sunset at the barn

I like the arena, it's a pretty good size, not huge but not tiny either. The footing is good too, save for one area around the outside door that's hard and has some rocks. Jetta was actually pretty good for not having been ridden in several days (at least a week, sadly enough) then also being in a new environment. The BO said that she has settled in really well so I hope that means Jetta is behaving herself!

See that little crest to her neck? She has a neck! But unfortunately not muscle, that's just fat. Poor pony looks half wild - she's fat, her mane has grown out, mohawk bridle path going on and long whiskers.

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