Thursday, September 20, 2012

All At Once

Well it seems like everything is happening all at once today!

First things first, the horse's had their feet done this morning. Jetta was the only one who really needed it, but AC cleaned up Colton's back feet a bit and Grady's front feet. Jetta was a pain in the butt for us - that's what I get for riding Colton all the time and not her I guess. I was planning on riding her this morning, buuuut I slept through my wonderful alarm. I was talking with AC though and its amazing how much Jetta has matured. Last time AC came out and did Jetta's hooves by herself and she didn't even halter her and was able to trim all her feet so easily. Such a difference from when I first got her and AC had to come out several times a week to trim her hooves, one each day. She had to dodge kicks and we had to keep Jetta from laying down because she didn't believe she could stand on three feet (though I think she figured out how that was a good method to make us stop, lol).

After that, Jazz's lessor came and dropped her off. Definitely bittersweet. I'm happy to have Jazz home but at the same time it's really sad because she was so good for her lessor and I want her to be used, not just hanging around in the pasture. Jazz definitely knew she was "home" because she whinnied in the trailer and then power walked her way to the barn. Grady recognized his girlfriend but it will be interesting to see how the herd dynamics change. Colton tries to be bossy but it doesn't work very well, he just ends up getting beat up and Jetta has taken over the position of boss mare. I can't wait to ride her. I think I'm going to take her to the little dressage schooling show down the street and maybe do some second level for fun. I really wish they offered third level, but nope. Maybe we'll have TS come and give us a lesson in the double bridle! How cool would that be?

Then I moved Jetta into her new barn. I dragged my mom with me so that she could see the barn and she approves :) I really do like this place. They're re-doing the fencing in one pasture this weekend and have hired someone to till the outdoor arena. So they're making good on their plans unlike the other barns I boarded at... Got all my stuff unloaded and turned Jetta out in the arena. She pranced around a bit and then followed me back and forth from the gate to the tack room watching me unload all my stuff. Cute stuff. I'll get to see her again on Sunday when I move back up to school! Looking forward to riding in a big arena!

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