Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sound and in the Saddle

Well Jetta's leg seems a lot better. Still a little bit puffy around the scratches but she doesn't seem any worse for it. I lunged her this morning and she seemed fine. Slightly short maybe on that right hind, but barely noticeable.

I hopped on her and had a fairly good first ride. So good to be back on my pony! Of course it was not all butterflies and rainbows... When I first sat on her she pulled her "I'm going to throw a fit if you ask me to move forward" which I guess worked with ML while I was gone, which is why she probably pulled it with me. But two can play that game - if she doesn't want to move forward then I'm going to chase her butt in a circle until she decides she can walk forward. Then whenever she sucked back like she was going to throw another fit she would have to trot. The first trot she gave me was beautiful but after that she pulled out her "pony trot" which is not exactly what I was going for, though gradually she gave me a more relaxed big trot. Our canter was pretty good too, though the transitions weren't very nice, but I just let that be. We'll work on it next time.

We ended on a good note and then went apple picking in the field as her reward for a good ride. I hosed her leg just in case, we'll see if she's still okay tomorrow since I want to go on a trail ride! We got to work off some of that fatty belly :)

Oh my gosh so faaaat! Can't get over it.

Poor sensitive girl, sporting her fly bonnet

Terrible self portrait. But it's kinda cute :)


  1. Hahaha she is sporting a nice belly!

    Love her sweet face though!

    Glad you are back in the saddle!

  2. Love those pics of her on the lunge.
    So fat and shiny!

  3. She is cute even with a big belly :)

  4. she looks incredible, the picture of good health. I'd take a little belly over ribs any day.