Friday, August 1, 2014

Pacific Northwest is Best

I'm sure there are lovely parts of every single state, but I love this state I live in! Previously the past couple weeks when I had time off I went on a waterfall hike or floated the river. Now, I finally a day off with no plans so I decided I was going for a trail ride in one of my favorite places.

Geez, I forgot how far away it was though. I used to board about 45 minutes away and today the drive took an hour and a half. Oops. But it was worth it for a one time kind of deal.

Of course as soon as I got out to the trails I realized I had everything I needed... except my bridle. Dang it. The one item that is arguable the most important piece of tack! I usually have so many extras in my trailer, but this time I had only two. The two options: the segunda I jump with and the sidepull hackamore. Hmm. Last time I rode in the segunda it was WAY too much. It's been an awesome bit for us in the past using it for shows and clinics at different barns but it was too much bit last time. So that left the hackamore. I've been wanting to try it out on the trails since it would be neat to use it for endurance. And Jetta responds really well to it in the arena... so we gave it a try.

Let's just say I won't be doing endurance in the hackamore. But, it was a great trail ride. I didn't die with the hackamore, though Jetta did lose her cantering privileges. After two perfectly behaved canters, the third time in an open field she completely ignored me and I had to use a one rein stop to get her back down. I haven't done that in forever with her.

Minus the one baby brain episode, she was great. It was so hot though that mostly we just walked (not to mention we're both really out of shape). Even after walking a couple miles she was still super sweaty so after stopping to pick blackberries (YUM, so good) we went for a dip in the river.

splish splash

BLACKBERRIES. She always steals the best ones off the bush.


  1. That looks like so much fun! And I love how Jetta has her tongue out in the first picture!!

  2. What a beautiful place to ride!

  3. What a great place to cool off!

  4. Does that make me the Pacific Southwest even though I'm in NorCal? lol