Friday, August 29, 2014


More jumping! I really want to try and jump Misty at least once a week to both try and get her endurance up and also smooth out our skills.

Also, I have the show bug. I'm going to sign up for an eventing derby on September 21st and we're going to go Novice! Or at least try.

Today's jump school was not as smooth as last week. I guess that's what I get for not riding her on the flat for two days beforehand. She was quite spunky and exuberant with the flying changes and head tossing "look how awesome I am!" moments.

But, we nailed every flying change and she was good. I set up a line with a vertical one stride to a swedish oxer. We'd never done a swedish oxer before and she thought it was quite suspicious looking at first. After a brief snorty introduction, she was over it and jumped it fairly willingly. The toughest issue we had was her sucking back in approaching the oxer meaning that she had to put in two strides in the one stride. Our last attempt was absolutely perfect though with just one stride, no chips or long spots and no brushing the jumps either!

My good pony

Canter adjustability is something that has been quite the focus lately since she has... barely any. Now the trot adjustability we've finally gotten down. (Shh, it took us a whole year) but now that we're doing First Level work, we need a lengthened canter and while she can do the lengthening ok, the transition back to a working canter sucks.

Anywho, it was still a great ride. She is just such a fun little horse. After jumping the line one last time, I asked for a flying change to the left lead, did a 20 meter circle and came across the center for another flying change and finished with one last circle. LOVE having flying changes.

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  1. yay for the jumping wonder pony! i love flying changes too... only have them in one direction at the moment... but i still love 'em. that's exciting news about the show too!