Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ho Hum

Basically nothing interesting has been happening. Work, work and... oh yeah, more work. I've been counting myself successful if I ride three days a week.

But the pony time that I have been getting has been good. Misty's been getting most of the attention since she is the one for sale right now. Our last dressage ride was fantastic.

Yesterday, both girls got lunged and bathed. Then the farrier came and trimmed their toes and they got wormed. Fun day I'm sure for them, lol. It's been forever since they got their hooves done since I've just been touching them up every so often when they look long or rough around the edges. It's been maybe five months?! Partly why I love having them barefoot! But Misty's hooves like to grow in a weird fashion because of her scar that I'm not comfortable with "fixing" plus they both had a lot of false sole going on and some wavy/overgrown bars which I don't want to deal with, so farrier it was.

In other news, Misty is learning the ropes of doing more bridleless and liberty work. She's catching on a lot, but we haven't quite progressed to absolute freedom in the saddle with no bridle, I still have the halter on as back up. It's so fun though! I miss riding Jazz and Grady bridleless. Well, I miss them in general.

Anyways, after Misty got lunged I stuck her in the wash stall and didn't cross tie her. She was perfect and didn't move a muscle, save making some grumpy faces when I got the water too close to her face. I wish Jetta was as trustworthy! But I've done four clicker sessions with her in the wash rack and now she walks in without even pausing (we were previously bickering for a couple minutes before she'd get in) and now she mostly stands still 90% of the time without pawing or bobbing her head. Success!

Sneak peek for my next post. Super blurry video still, but hey! We both have fairly good position!


  1. Love the picture of her tongue sticking out! Can't wait for the jumping post!

  2. Big fan of bridleless work too!

  3. way to go Misty! and i'm super curious to see the next post and source of that video still!