Friday, August 22, 2014

Finally Jumping Again

Yesterday was a great, productive ride. I finally got up the motivation to have an actual jump school on Misty because so many people have been wanting jumping videos. I've jumped twice maybe in the past month or two and they were just hopping over one little jump, not actually doing a course (albeit a small one).

You know you haven't jumped in too long when you set a course at 2'6" only to measure it and discover that it's only 2'. Wow. 

I set up a three stride line, a singe oxer and some barrels across the centerline on a diagonal. Misty was just so good. Not anywhere close to perfect, but I'll take it for what little time we've spent jumping.

We hopped around the course at 2'3" after a brief warm-up and stroll past all the jumps. She was great, save for a bit sassy. She gets so proud of herself she just has to toss her head a bit!

I bumped the jumps up to 2'6" and ran through it a few more times. And we had two refusals. She was being naughty! She ran out on the barrels the first time through, then the second time through she ran out on the second jump in the combination. She has NEVER run out on a jump. Refused yes, but usually it's a gradual rolling stop that I can feel coming from a mile away (just fail to prevent somehow). It wasn't a dirty refusal, I could feel it coming, but by then it was too late to fix.

I decided that the picket fence jump needed a ground line once it got raised up to 2'6" but, typical lazy me, I decided to just drag it over on Misty. Gosh this horse is awesome. (Apologies for the lack of video editing. I have neither the software nor the patience for it, so start at 0:15 and stop at 1:00)

The third time through however was great, but by this time she was getting tired. I ran through it once more just to make sure I had a good enough video. Of course, in the process I had a major brain fart and completely forgot the "course" I had decided on, so we had some fun squiggly work all over the place.

Lastly, I bumped the oxer up to 2'9" and jumped it a couple times for good measure. She didn't bat an eye and jumped it easily. What a good girl :)

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