Monday, August 25, 2014

Monogram All the Things

I've been pretty happy with the new barn I'm at. Well, "new" since I've been there 7 months now... Anyways.

Super attractive picture

Not so happy today. Little things just keep piling up and really bothering my. Sigh. First it was my treats disappearing. I had a large bag of treats that was divided up into small baggies. I went to grab one of the 10 different little bagfuls and found... 10 empty bags. That I had not opened. Not amused.

I still had a little plastic treat container that had a few crumbs in it sitting on my drawers which I always refilled. Then I came to the barn and found... all the crumbs dumped out onto the top of my drawers and the plastic container gone. Grr.

Then my dressage schooling whip went missing. Yes, it was bleached and frayed and grosss... but still. I need that thing.

Then I went to give the horses a bath and couldn't find my shampoo. Later I found it in someone else's bath bucket.

I've also had bags of bedding pellets go missing. And my sharpie that I've been using to obsessively label nearly everything is also gone. Sigh. I'm about ready to just lock everything in my trailer just to contain it all.

But something more happy - I am having an "attack of the horsey I-wants" so I decided I need to relieve some of my stress via a tiny bit of retail therapy, aka I bought a sticker for my helmet in order to join the ranks of all the cool people that have these.


Personally Preppy Helmet Monogram

I really like it! I should have measured the gap in my helmet for the sticker because I probably would've gotten a 1.5" instead of a 2" but at least it fits (barely). I love it though. So classy looking. I really want to buy a decal for my show whip now (and maybe even my schooling helmet) to keep it from walking away since things of mine keep disappearing...


  1. That's one thing I don't miss about boarding - having all my stuff "borrowed". GRRRR!!!

  2. Ugh, that's so frustrating when people "borrow" stuff that belongs to someone else. Is there any way that you can get a locking trunk? I know that definitely helped me!

  3. Love the helmet monogram. And hate when things "disappear"!!

  4. It is nice, I am uncool lol I do not have the helmet monogram. So frustrating that your stuff is walking away :(

  5. love the black on black!!! hate the disappearing stuff...

  6. Did your monogram take a while to come? Been waiting to use my new helmet for one to come...

    So annoying about things dissapearing. I was at a barn where I had to lock up everything when I was younger. It's just a pain.

    1. I didn't take too long. Maybe a week or week and a half until it was confirmed as my order being processed and then a couple days for it to be made and sent to me.

      I've never boarded anywhere where I was worried about my things growing legs and walking off. I don't like it :/