Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Unhappy Camper and the Queen Bee

Nothing too exciting going on around here.

Jetta has been an unhappy camper lately. Being in heat (it's officially spring now...) and having Queenie favored over her has made her really grumpy and while I have been riding her at least every other day and lunging her when I don't ride, she is still mad at me. Yesterday I came out to find her left hind was all puffy. Usually not too much of a concern with her - she stocks up periodically or gets swollen when she's being dumb and kicking the stall, which is what I guess she's been doing lately.

But when I went to lunge her she was slightly off to the right. Odd. So I put her standing wraps on her and put her back in the stall for the night. She stood there with her ears pinned the whole time I was grooming and tacking up Queenie, lol. Poor unfavored child.

All wrapped out
Today I unwrapped her and all the swelling and heat was gone. I let her run around in the arena and get some pent up energy out and she looking mostly good but there was still a slight head bob to the right. I ended up hosing her legs for half an hour then putting some liniment on and sticking her in a paddock with some hay. I think if she's still the same tomorrow I'll try and ride and see how she feels. I'm an awful judge of slight lameness on the ground so I'll better be able to feel it in the saddle.

Queenie has been the main one receiving all the attention lately. She's been so good! We still haven't made it out on the trails because I'd really rather not go by myself, but I'm completely lacking anyone to ride with... My friend AR came out to ride her yesterday and after a brief "Don't leave me" and not moving forward, she was very well behaved for her which made me happy.

Queenie & AR

Today I pulled out the tarp and she didn't bat an eye at it! Our next goal is learning how to open a gate from in the saddle. She's always just out of reach of the latch so we need to work some more on our side passing skills.


  1. It's amazing how grumpy TBs can get when they aren't center of attention. I think it proves that they really love you though ;-)

  2. Wooo weee she's a big girl.
    Poor Jetta. Hope her leg gets better soon :(

  3. Glad that Jetta is alright. Or that the swelling is down. Hope she is sound when you get to ride :)

  4. Haha, Kat, I hope it means she loves me! She was absolutely turning green today when I rode Queenie - every time I glanced over at her she was standing with her ears pinned just watching me ride, lol.