Sunday, March 17, 2013

Such a Small World

Sometimes it's really funny what a small horse world it really is. This can be bad of course sometimes, but mostly I love it! Such funny connections. I've had several incidences this week with talking to a horsey friend and then discovering that they know another one of my horsey friends through some way or other.

Today I went and rode both mares early this morning. They were both quite good.

I let Jetta graze outside in the brief window of sunshine we had - clover for St. Patty's Day!

Then the fun stuff - I get to see my other horses that I haven't seen in a long time! Meaning Jazz and Patch.

Jazz I am leasing out to a lady that's getting back into riding and wanted to lease a horse before buying. It sounds like her and Jazz are getting along quite well and while I've gotten pictures once a month for the last 5 months I haven't been able to visit in person. She asked to renew her lease for another six months so I wanted to go visit Jazz and make sure everything was looking ok before I agreed.

Jazzy looks good. She'll be 23 this year though she doesn't look it. She is starting to get some more white hairs around her muzzle though and has lost a lot of her topline, though she's just been puttering around the arena and trails, so that's part of the problem. Other than that she looks good! LL (her lessor) was riding when I got there and Jazz looks sound and happy. LL has gotten to go on a couple trail rides and told me Jazz is still quite spunky for her age! She moved to a new barn with lots of turnout so she barely spends any time in the stall which is nice to hear. I considered not renewing the lease for this summer because I kind of want her back since Grady is gone now, I'd like to keep a closer eye on her. But I like LL and she's taking very good care of my girl, so I decided that she can keep Jazz for the summer, after all that's the best riding time! And next fall I hope to bring her home.


The night before I was trying to mapquest my way out there but mapquest did not acknowledge the existence of such a street so I was googling barns in that town, trying to find her barn and get directions. I never did find her barn, but while I was searching I ran across an ad for a barn in the same town, just 5 minutes down the street from the barn Jazz is at, that had a picture of Patch on it! I facebooked her owner to ask if that was the barn she boarded at and if it was, if it would be ok if I came and visited. Turns out it was, so I swung by to say hi and give the Patchy girl some carrots.

Pic stolen off FB - this is her getting ridden the other day

She looks really good - she's furry and fat from having the winter off due to her owner going through chemo and surgery. It sounds like they have such a good bond, I'm really glad they found each other. She's got a little pasture and the owner's other horse as a buddy. I think she's 9 this year - crazy to think that I sold her five years ago.

Nice to see my horses that I haven't seen in a long time!


  1. It must have been so nice to hear your horses are doing well!! I hope one day I will get the chance to see my old horse again.