Sunday, March 10, 2013

Just What I Needed

Just what I needed - a great, distracting weekend to keep my mind occupied!

It's still really rough thinking about Grady. I knew it would be hard having him gone, but it's random things that make me upset, like opening my ebay watch list and finding a blanket I was thinking of getting him, or finding a to do list with "Groom Grady" on it. And the pasture is so empty... I keep expecting him to walk into his stall or whinny at me. I created a page at the top of this blog for him, just in case you're interested. I still have a few pics I want to find and scan to add to that page.

My friend AR and I made plans to go ride at the beach since the weather was supposed to be nice and boy was it gorgeous! It was a lot of fun, I really needed that.

We have a cool shadow :)

Jetta behaved pretty much exactly like I expected her to. Her attitude as we started out was pretty much, "heck no, I didn't sign up for this!". She spooked at everything. She spooked at the grass, she spooked at the puddles, she spooked at the different colored sand, she spooked at the hikers, she spooked at the driftwood, she spooked at the waves. Geez horse. But she's this way in the spring every year since she's shut inside pretty much all winter. And after some impressive maneuvers in wave avoidance (her technique - frog leap the waves so that your legs go in five different directions at once, nearly unseating your rider, or if that isn't satisfactory, spin and bolt), eventually she got over it and we had a really great ride.

Having a good gallop is a cure for everything!


  1. Beautiful! I've always wanted to ride on the beach!

  2. Aw cool! That looks like so much fun!
    It will get easier with time. Just focus on the good times you and Grady had together.