Thursday, July 5, 2012

Some People

Some people just crack me up. We all have our quirks, but some more than others. Here are a couple gems from the past week:

Example A: One of my parents' friends has 2 pet cows. Now, I have nothing against keeping cows as pets, though I must admit I prefer them as steaks. She rescued them when they were calves from going to slaughter. Today, she borrowed our horse trailer to take them to the state university vet hospital because it has an abscess on its foot (I didn't figure out if it was a hoof abscess or an abscess actually on its foot). So obviously these cows are spoiled. The thing that gets me though? Although these cows are her babies - they get the best feed and vet care... They are not handle-able. They are not halter broke and they won't trust strangers to get near them. So we spent about an hour herding the dang cow onto the trailer, where the vet sedated it so that it could make the hour trip up to the big vet hospital. People, if you are going to keep a 1200# cow as a pet, it should at least be halterbroke. There's no excuse since it has been with this woman since it was a calf! Really this goes for any animal though...

Example B: The stick cowboy. My family calls him that because he's always seen in full cowboy regalia (chaps, giant spurs, long sleeve button down shirt, vest and hat) roping a stick calf in his driveway. I have never actually seen him on any one of his eight horses, much less roping from a horse. He was a total city slicker who moved to the country. After about a year with 3 horses, I guess he one day just up and decided he was a real trainer now and has fliers offering his cowboying services to the public. Besides the fact that that is in itself pretty funny, he offered to buy Colton the other day. Or as he put it, "that paint hoss". Needless to say, "that paint hoss" wasn't in his price range and certainly isn't a paint. He may be spotted, but he's a far cry from a stock type horse. Sorry, but he's a Gypsy Drum Horse, they're not really made to run fast and stop hard. I guess he wanted a paint horse specifically for roping. I'm not saying Colton couldn't do it with a lot of training, but he's definitely not much of a roping horse prospect... At all. And I don't know what's wrong with the other 8 horses in his pasture.


  1. He he.
    I feel the same about cattle. I lovingly refer to them as 'hamburgers'.

    The people I find most funny are the ones that buy bajillion dollar horses....just to look at them in the field. I'll never understand that!

  2. The cow story is super funny. On my goodness I love people and how crazy they are.