Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I Win

I thought that this was an awesome article. I thought it was pretty aptly organized in a comedic kind of way (aside - ever since Eventing Nation talked about pentathlons I've wanted to do one! How cool would that be?)

Equestrian sports ranked as the #1 hardest Olympic sport to achieve/complete. Since siblings are always a rivalry, I checked to see where this person ranked shooting (my brother's sport, sporting clays to be more specific). Out of 32 Olympic sports (some which didn't even rank on this list), shooting placed 24th, bahahaha. I win!

He is the one who my parents pay for all his entry fees, his travel (he's currently in Illinois at a national shoot, was recently in Texas for a shooting camp and will later be traveling to Wyoming and Colorado), his many guns and ammunition. His competitions are the ones that both my parents always go to and he is the one encouraged to pursue shooting more and more. I think my parents always hoped I would grow out of horses but I never did... I have bought all but one horse myself (Jazz was originally bought to be a family horse then I turned her into a show horse), I pay for shows, for the vet, for tack, for the farrier, for the feed, my parents only pay board for Jetta when I'm at school. They constantly complain about my horses. And they rarely make it to my shows, and then usually it's only my mom who comes if anyone at all. At least I beat him at something right? Not that I'm complaining or anything...

I must say that I do think shooting placed well being low on the list (I was arguing with my parents about this). It's not that physically taxing (I mean you do have to stand there and you get a pretty nice bruise on your shoulder) but really, the first time I shot a gun, at a clay bird no less, I hit it! How hard could it be, right? ;)

Hmm, which would you think is harder?

Okay, so I'm a tad very jealous and a bit snarky, but just to be clear, I'm not really saying that shooting is a worthless sport or that it's super easy (because then people would just get bored with it). Just poking a bit of fun :)


  1. This is oh do funny to me because my dad also does competitive shooting. He was just down for the Carolina Classic. He does come to my shows tho if he does t have a shoot. I'll have to tell him he is number 24(: