Saturday, July 14, 2012

One Thing After Another

Right now, I should be driving to the dressage show with Jetta and Colton in tow, prepared to have a fantastic first and only dressage show of the season. Instead, I'm sitting here in my pajamas writing this.

Addie appears to have strangles. Lovely right? Which means no horse is allowed off the property until her swab comes back negative, but I highly doubt that. ML came running in to tell me yesterday afternoon that Addie had an abscess. I don't know how we missed it beforehand. My first 2 thoughts were pigeon fever or strangles and since the abscess sits squarely on her mandibular lymph node, I figure that's a pretty good indicator of strangles.

Phooey. I was so looking forward to this show today. Colton has been improving in leaps and bounds and I couldn't wait to get him out and about. After our lesson on Thursday, I was feeling pretty good about how Jetta would do. I had memorized all four tests, given Colton 2 out if his 3 prequisite baths (it takes at least that many baths to get a Gypsy really clean!) And had the trailer partially loaded.

Addie's owner is a vet so ML and I talked to her and she came out yesterday. She said she's 99% sure that it is strangles, but took a swab and we'll get the results next week. So far no other horses show signs, fingers crossed they don't. Jazz had a very mild case years ago, so Grady has been exposed and didn't get it, so I'm hopeful he'll be fine, but Colton hasn't had the vaccine or ever been exposed to it, so I'm worried about him. Jetta has had the vaccine, but not recently so I'm also worried about her. Especially since I'm leaving my babies behind next week!

I guess the only vaccine that Addie doesn't have is the strangles one because Dr. P doesn't like the vaccine. It all depends on what vet you talk to. TS said not to vaccinate for strangles, but Dr. H, a vet I work with, said to use the vaccine. It sounds like a friend of our neighbor, LC, brought a horse in to ride that had strangles so that's where we figure this all started... Luckily, LC's horse is vaccinated. I hope it turns out just to be a random abscess, although it has already ruined my plans. I've had to cancel a beach ride and a trail ride already :(

I personally think this place I was going to show at is cursed. The first time, I had to drive home in tears in the middle of the show because the practice manager at my work had bullied me into coming to work, when the girl who was supposed to cover my shift "decided she didn't want to". It was pretty awful and I had made up my mind not to come back to that barn. And now when I try, a horse gets strangles! At least this time I'll get a refund, they were really nice about it and even said that I didn't need a vet note. But I'm still super sad that now I can't do anything/go anywhere with the horses. Like I said, its just been one thing after another with Addie!


  1. Awh, what a bummer. We give Pippi the vaccine just because if Pippi ever did get it we would know we did everything we could to prevent it to begin with. We are like that with a few other vaccines as well. hopefully Addie gets well soon and you can make it to another show(:

  2. Crap, that sucks. Kudos to you for being a responsible horse owner and not potentially exposing other horses to strangles by going out anyways. I hope the rest of your ponies don't come down with it.

    I've never done the strangles vaccine because the IM version is not very good, and the intra-nasal one gives good immunity but only for a short time. Also it's a modified live vaccine which means it could in theory end up making your horse sick if it were to mix genes around with the wild type strangles.

    Hope you are able to get off the farm soon!

  3. ugh that sucks!

    the vet just came out Friday and gave all our horses the strangles vacs cause there are rumors that the barn across the street has some cases :(