Sunday, November 28, 2010


Jetta got turned out today! It was her first time since she's got here just because we were waiting for her to settle in a bit and then rearrange the turnout schedule. Now she'll be turned out every other day for a couple hours. Anyways she was great. I didn't get any pictures unfortunately but she trotted around a bit and munched a little on the non-existant grass. She made a new buddy over the fence and hung out with him for a while. She got turned out with her bestest friend/enemy (her frenemy) Katy and luckily she was nice to her and there wasn't any kicking but I don't think Katy trusts her after what happened last time... Jetta just out of the blue decided to double barrel kick Katy while we were cooling out next to eachother. No injuries, but what a naughty pony!

I didn't ride today, I have a cold so I didn't feel like it and there were several people in the arena. I didn't really want to test out our steering abilities after a long weekend off. Jetta ended up getting her booster shots and her wormer. She was not very happy about it but she put up with it very well and got a giant apple for being such a good girl while being poked and having nasty stuff shoved into her mouth. (I found these humongous apples at the grocery store and just had to get a couple for the girls.)

I gave her a good grooming and we'll ride tomorrow. I hope to pop her over a few jumps this week and see how she does. I've been lunging her over some small jumps and she does ok about 75% of the time. We'll have to see...

I found a show that we're going to go to soon! It's January 15th and it's not only really close by, but really cheap, they've got great prizes and lots of good classes. I'm really excited. I was hoping to find a show that's soon because I really want to get Jetta out and experiencing new things and get some feedback on what we're doing right now. Anyways the first shows that I could find were in late February and I didn't want to wait that long so this'll be perfect. I can't wait! They have hunter classes from trot a pole to 1 foot to 2'9". We'll probably end up doing 2'-2'3" divisions if all goes as planned.

Winter break is going to be interesting as I'm leaving Miss Jetta at the barn here instead of taking her home to the muddy pasture with nowhere to ride. ML and I are going to trade off coming up a couple days a week and riding both of the ponies. Hopefully it'll just be a nice break for everyone all around. I'm hoping to get some new horsey stuff for Christmas that we can start using after the break ;)

And there's good news! Denali has made a miraculous recovery and escaped being put down. I hope that she stays that way! I know it would be so hard to put my own horse down, so I'm so glad that she's feeling good for the time being.

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