Monday, November 22, 2010

Custom Saddle Pads

I love saddle pads. In fact, I believe you can never have too many. Why not have one for every occasion, depending on your mood and other factors? I have a hot pink all-purpose, bright blue all-purpose, white all-purpose, black all-purpose, tie-dye all-purpose, pink dressage, multiple white dressage, and an aqua dressage pad. They're relatively inexspensive and can be so much fun to outfit your horse in.

I recently ran across this thread:
She makes these custom saddle pads specific to your measurements and design with whatever fabric you want. For $35 dollars! I think that they look great and am thinking about ordering one... or two, maybe three :)

Here are some of my favorite ones that she's made:

I love the pink zebra (I think I'll get it for one of my friends) and the black and white swallowtails. These would make awesome Christmas presents. I might even get one for myself :)

I love these fabrics and I think they would make cute pads:

Here is her website for more information:

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