Friday, November 26, 2010

Christmas Gift Ideas

What should you get for your horsey significant other? There are a lot of things out there that you can get for horse people, where should you even start? Here are my top picks:

Cute brushes, comes in pink and blue,
complete sets or individual pieces.

Cute! I've never smelt the perfume, but it's horsey
themed so it has to be good!

A cute way to make bran mash quick and easy.
The perfect holiday treat.

LOVE these hay bags. They come in a bunch of different
prints and colors. They're useful and cute!

These magnets are very pretty and appropriately
horse-themed. They come in this pattern, as well as
hunter/jumper and dressage.

These picture frames are very elegant. You can
customize it with a name plate with the horse's and/or rider's name.
 These are just a few things that might make a good gift. Both Dover Saddlery and SmartPak have great gift ideas. Visit Behind the Bit for what not to get! This is funny :)

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