Sunday, November 21, 2010

New Blog!

Hello! I recently decided to make a blog about everything horses including my training of my TB Jetta. I do keep a training journal but I thought this would be a better way to keep track of our progress and I can of course include videos, pictures, links, etc. Also, I was hoping it would encourage me to keep better track of what we are working on. I love to read other blogs such as Behind the Bit, Eventing-a-Gogo and Tucker the Wunderkind, so I am going to follow in their footsteps and create my own blog. While I would love to meet people who share my own interests I am not obsessed about gaining followers (though if you're reading this, follow me!). I hope this blog will be a place where I can write about my training, things that interest me and other horsey-related items both for myself and for others' viewing pleasure. I of course would love any advice or constructive critisism (please be nice!) on my riding and on my horse, though I will moderate comments. Most people, including myself, don't enjoy nasty comments or comments that are completely derogatory, so please keep in mind that if I feel offended by your posts it probably won't get published.

With that out of the way, meet Jetta:

I am hoping that she will mature into a lovely eventer, but depending on her talents we may choose to stick with dressage or the hunter ring. We'll just have to see! I bought Jetta two years ago as a two-year-old. I planned on reselling her, but my main mare has gotten a little older and is as far in her training as she can go and I am hoping Jetta can go above and beyond where I have already been. Mainly she's done a lot of ground work. She had to be taught to let her feet be handled as they had never gotten trimmed nor picked. That was fun. I started her under saddle at the beginning of this past summer with a natural horsemanship and classical dressage foundation and now here were are! I am still exploring classical dressage training and Jetta is learning what is expected of her but already I can't wait to see how she'll turn out!

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