Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Horse Stuff

Ok, I officially found two new favorite horse sites to peruse. I love hearing about new, interesting, different horse products that come out and I found a couple great things on there today. The Horse & Habit and Dappled Grey are officially my new favorites :)

These products are so cute! They have bridles
and halters and lunge lines in many different cute prints
and they can be customized!

Gypsy Tail, mane & tail extensions are so cute!
They're a little spendy but a lot of fun.

I love color padded bridles. Pink Equine also
makes a beautiful one, but this one has changeable
padding and is very affordable.

All of this company's products look amazing. They're
environmentally-friendly and very fancy for your special horse!

Not really sure how useful this Bit Box would be,
but it's interesting and unique.

I can't wait to do this to my horse!
They have all sorts of cute clip designs.

These are an adorable and custom tag to put on your tack.

Customized bucket that you'll never misplace!

I am on my way out the door to go see how my ponkykins is doing.
I'll leave you with this quote on The Lazy Thoroughbred from Dappled Grey.

"I'm so lazy I can barely go forward but.. EEEEEK! Sorry, I just had to spook right there. Ok, now back to being lazy."

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