Friday, September 11, 2015

Too Busy

It's been much too busy around here lately so I am quite overdue for an update. The new stuff:

I recently moved houses. I love the new place where I'm living. It's farther away from campus but closer to the barn. I'm living with my vet friend KP and another horse friend AC.

School starts on the 21st! I'm very excited as well as nervous. I've dreamed of vet school for a long time, so I can hardly believe that that dream is becoming a reality. So there have been lots of preparations for that.

Misty should be home soon. Well, hopefully Sunday is the plan. She never competed at the second HT. Which I wasn't notified about until AFTER the show, because she had a stone bruise on her hoof. Which I was not pleased about. Then she didn't compete at the third HT because the lessor found a new horse for her daughter so she didn't need Misty anymore. So... She at least got to go to one HT and is hopefully a little more fit because of it? Hopefully she didn't pick up too many bad habits while there. I'm pretty excited for her to be back though. I missed my roany paint pony!

Jetta's been good. I've been riding her about 3 days a week. She still is not close to where we were when I stopped riding her, but I'm pleased that she hasn't forgotten everything. I had a lovely ride the other day where I asked her for a canter-walk-canter transition and she did it very willingly with very few to no trot steps in between.

Basically we're just trying to build up strength so that she can correctly carry herself, as she's still pretty inconsistent in the bridle and heavy on the forehand. But she's trying. We did some trot poles yesterday and she was foot perfect. I missed riding her!

That Mohawk though

Topline, where are thou?!

Looking pretty cute though

We're planning on competing at the local eventing derby on the 21st. It should be a lot of fun since I haven't done any eventing shows this year. I'm planning on just riding Misty, but if Jetta is good, maybe I'll add her entry too. We shall see!


  1. I take it you are going to vet school at OSU? I'm sure I'll see you around. I work in the Diagnostic Lab!

    1. Nice! Yep, I will be at OSU. See you around!