Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fun Derby

Playing a little but of catch-up with blogging. I started vet school last week, so I won't probably be posting much, not that I really was before, anyways.

I had a really fun derby last weekend with Misty.

The weather turned out perfectly for it and it was just a short drive to our favorite eventing facility. I entered Beginner Novice, as per usual.

Misty warmed up really well, though we're still going to be dealing with issues of her avoiding contact and not relaxing over her back.

Dressage went fine. There was really nothing I could complain about. She listened well and was a tad lazy, as is normal when in the dressage ring. She could have been steadier in the bridle and more connected to the bit over her back, and the comments reflected that, but I was happy with our 32.9 putting us in second place. We even got an 8 on our final halt which was awesome! Misty loves to either halt too abruptly (but very obediently!), brace in the bridle and/or not halt straight (she likes to step her hip to the left one step, oddly enough) but apparently there was no issue with that!

Since it was a derby, stadium and cross country were combined. I had been hoping that we'd get to go schooling before the show, but I wasn't about to take her with three shoes, so we never got the chance. But she was pretty good! We had one rail in the combination, but we were otherwise clear. She really sucked back before every jump as if she was going to refuse, which was annoying, but I know it's just going to take a little while before she realizes that I'm not going to grab or hang onto her mouth. I was pretty exaggeratedly throwing her the reins almost over the jump.

Steve Storm Photography: 2015 Jumping 325-352 &emdash;

There was a photographer there that snapped a couple pics of Misty and I.  I didn't like any of the dressage ones (we look awful in every single one) but the jumping ones kinda turned out nice, so I'm trying to decide which one or two to buy. I kinda like the above one, even though I'm throwing away my reins. And I kinda like the one below, since it's my (least) favorite (scary) jump, but I have a terrible face and it's a little out of focus. Hum.

Steve Storm Photography: 2015 Jumping 325-352 &emdash;

Overall it was a really fun little show to go to and we placed first in our division. I was so excited that they were giving out awesome prizes - I got an embroidered Kerrits jacket! Not too shabby, I definitely love my little roany paint pony!


  1. ooh nice prize, congrats! Misty looks great - if it were me i'd buy both photos (but then again i may or may not be a photo junkie lol)

  2. Congrats on the satin--AND the jacket!

    And what is with show photographers lately? The one that shot my show on Sunday managed to make everyone in my class (including me) look terrible and published such unflattering shots of all of us. Way to go, show photog **slow clap**

  3. Congrats on the win and on vet school!

  4. What an awesome prize! Glad you and Misty are getting out there and having fun :D

  5. Awesome job!! You guys look awesome too!!

    Sweet prize!!

  6. That's an awesome prize! Congrats on the win.