Monday, August 17, 2015

Misty's First Recognized HT

Misty completed her first recognized horse trial last weekend with her young rider aboard. I was super nervous for them which was funny, since I wasn't riding. I was obsessively checking the online scores all weekend. They had a large field of 21 riders in the junior beginner novice division.

I was a little bummed that they ended up solidly in the middle of the pack, but in reality that was pretty good for a young rider on a new horse.

They ended up dead last in dressage which was really surprising. I was thinking that they'd end up with maybe a 37-39 since she consistently scores low 30's with me. I was pretty blown away to see that they got a 46. I know dressage is not her rider's strong point, but I really hope they're able to improve in this area!

They had one rail in stadium, then I was very excited to see that they got a double clear cross country run! This moved them up to finish in 12th place. Not too bad!

They had a dressage lesson this weekend so I hope that helped because they are competing this weekend at Caber Farms HT. I would love to see them with a ribbon! Then they are finishing out the competition season the first weekend of September at Aspen Farms HT.

I am splitting the cost of a CD of pictures with SH, but in the meantime, here's an awesome proof!