Friday, June 13, 2014

Summer Cleaning

I had a lovely, long afternoon at the barn just getting random things done, my own version of spring summer cleaning. I was planning on a trail ride, hauling to my favorite trails, but at the last minute decided that I was in a cleaning mood (very rare for me!) and after cleaning my room, car and truck I headed out to the barn to tackle the horses, my tack and the tack room.

I ended up getting the horse's bridle paths and whiskers trimmed, tails freshly banged and washed, back legs scrubbed, half of my tack cleaned and my tack box and drawers organized. Next up is the other half of my tack and getting the trailer cleaned and organized. Feels good to get everything looking nice and in order!

Misty all braided and trimmed
I also lunged both ponies and plan to ride next time. They've been getting lunged about every other day while I was cramming for finals the past two weeks so it's almost been that long since I've ridden. But I wanted to make sure that there are no rodeo moves for when I ride so it was one more lunge.

Misty was her adorable, playful self as usual. She just loves getting out on the lunge and is too cute to watch.

Jetta was less adorable. I don't happen to think her rears and spins are cute like Misty's. But she settled down and was good. She is looking SO FAT though right now. Like she could be pregnant fat, lol. She's not quite morbidly obese, but she's fairly close. She needs to back to consistent work so badly right now. I have her feed as low as I want it to go right now, so the next thing is probably as soon as she runs out of orchard grass hay she's going to get the barn's grass hay. Which is nasty straw looking stuff, but at least it won't contribute to her weight.

Her mohawk is coming along nicely!

Awful picture... but that hay belly. Geez.

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