Monday, June 16, 2014

I love no classes. Ahhh, relaxation (kind of). I apologize for the sort of boring posts recently, but there's just nothing too interesting going on!

Today was a great day at the barn. Both monsters got worked, first Jetta on the lunge in side reins, then Misty under saddle. Jetta was a bit of a fireball but eventually settled down. At first all she wanted to do was run... and run... and run. Can't wait for a trail ride! I'm sure it will be a little bit trying at first but it will settle her down a lot for when we ride in the arena. Definitely planning on taking her out Thursday or Friday and hopefully hauling off to our favorite trails (which are much farther than the ones we've been going on) as a beginning-of-summer treat.

Besides being super fat, she looks so nice right now:

Sexy mare

I just have to say... that tail. It looks 100x better after being trimmed!

The fatness. I can't get over that belly. She looks prego.

Misty was AWESOME under saddle. I've always thought she wouldn't be ever able to truly accept contact just because of how she was started under saddle. We can maintain a featherlight connection, but not really achieve the true connection that you want to see in dressage. It was just a fact. But today... I actually had weight in my reins! It was a miracle. Misty will sometimes lay on your hands to test and see if she can get out of maintaining contact, but this was different. She actually felt like she was nicely reaching for the bit and it occurred throughout the majority of our ride. I hope this isn't a one-time-only sort of deal!


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    1. Thanks! I just think she looks so warmblood-esque when she's on the chunky side, lol.

  2. Jetta looks fantastic! She looks a bit chunky when she's just standing around, but the whole semi-roached mane and chopped tail just complete the picture of an athlete <3