Monday, May 5, 2014

Almost Time

Geez, how did it get to be the week of the big show already?! So many things to do and so little time. Especially because I have two midterms this week. Sigh.

Both girls have been pretty good under saddle. I had the best ride EVER on Jetta. She was so good, I was just blown away. Made me think that maybe we actually will get to second level by the end of this year! Her leg yields and shoulder-ins were absolutely perfect, as were her upward transitions. Still need to work on downward transitions (especially for the simple change) and work on making her trot nicer/get her lighter in the bridle, but we're well on our way to second level! (Well, plus medium gaits and 10m circles. I think the circles will be fine, but mediums, not so much).

Pretty pony

It was definitely weird riding Jetta without her mane, but I still love it and I think she just looks so elegant and minimalist without it. True horse-person right there when you can say that about a horse, right?

Misty is doing okay, but not blowing it out of the water by any means and I'm having slight reservations about taking her to such a big show. Her third dressage show ever to be exact. I was having a "what was I thinking?" moment during our last ride. I'm sure the judge wouldn't actually tell us that we shouldn't be showing at the recognized level quite yet, but I'd rather not get that impression through the scoring at the very least.

She still needs a lot of "push" to maintain that nice dressage trot and canter throughout our whole ride. Which will be easier if I remember to wear my spurs. Halts are finally getting there. Circles are good but she still likes to pop her head up every so often. Transitions are doing well 99% of the time. And stretchy trot is feeling nice, but she still doesn't quite get the free walk.

Oh well, ready or not, here we come!

Checklist for this week:
  • Sweep out trailer
  • Organize stuff that lives in trailer
  • Load non-essentials (stuff that I won't use before the show - grain, grooming tools, etc.)
  • Clean tack
  • Wash saddle pads
  • Make sure clothes are clean
  • Wash Misty (probably will do twice)
  • Clean out back of trailer and re-bed with shavings
  • Figure out how to get hay out of loft and into trailer
  • Memorize tests
  • Pack people food
  • Charge camera
  • And of course, ride my horse at least a couple times and try to stop worrying about the show!


  1. I'm really picky with manes (I love long, long manes, haha!) but I've got to admit, she looks nice!

  2. How exciting!! Best of luck getting ready this week!

  3. weeeee how exciting and best of luck!

  4. Yay show! Reservations or not, just do your best and have fun!

  5. Thanks everyone! Fingers crossed we don't embarrass ourselves :)