Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Best at Preparation

I am currently winning at being the best at preparing for a show. Major fail. In the past six days, Misty has been ridden... once. Not exactly how I was hoping to prepare for such a big show, sigh. At least our ride yesterday was really good and Misty isn't the kind of horse that's going to be a fire-breathing dragon with so little saddle time.

At least I got to clean the trailer out. "Before"

Also, I just wanted to say that I am so lucky to have good horse friends. My jumping saddle doesn't fit Misty now that she's gotten kind of fat and she needs a wide gullet (Jetta's Pessoa is supposedly a medium-wide, but closer to a medium). So I asked my friend ML if I could borrow her Bates saddle since she's been fully converted into a "Dressage Queen" and doesn't really jump any more. I've ridden in it before when we boarded at the same barn and I really like it despite it being a narrow twist/flat seat, plus it has an adjustable gullet.

I got it last week and finally had the chance to try it out on Misty. It fits wayyy better than my Pessoa (it has the wide gullet in). I rode Misty and she was really good, so hopefully this carries over to the show.

Misty wondering why we're taking pictures.

Tomorrow will be bath day, clean tack, load trailer, etc. Clothes are cleaned and ready, most of my other stuff is collected and ready to be loaded. Looking forward to this! I'm going with several other girls on the dressage team so even if I don't do as well as I hope, it's still going to be fun cheering everyone else on!