Friday, December 27, 2013

Time for an Update

Wow, it's been a long time! Sorry for being such an awful blogger this month. Things have not been blog-worthy lately. 

But, here's what's been happening recently. 
First off, I got some exciting stuff in the mail!

First was the blogger gift exchange. Anyways, I asked for some of the Higher Standards saddle soap in lavender vanilla and that is what I got!

Thanks so much to Hawk for it, it even came with a nice little note :) 

So of course I immediately had to try it out. I love it. Anything that makes cleaning tack slightly more enjoyable is awesome. I loved the smell of the soap, it wasn't overpowering and cleaned GREAT. Even my girth that I sometimes have a hard time getting the sweat stains off came completely clean. This stuff gets an A++ in my book!

The second goody I got in the mail was the Equestrian Culture magazine. They had a kickstarter campaign to go to print so in return I got a year's subscription at a discount. I LOVE this magazine. It's laid out beautifully and had some neat articles. It's just so pretty! I think it needs to go on my bookshelf and get flipped through from time to time. I am obsessed with art which is a really heavy focus in this magazine. Let's just say that someday I'm going to need a house with a lot of walls...

I finally got to ride! I've ridden both a handful of times. Both were good but SUPER hyper. One day I just got off, pulled off tack/blankets and let them gallop around.
Crazy pony

Fancy pony

Hoping to take Jetta for a trail ride soon and I am planning on hauling out to an arena to ride Misty more. I went and looked at one barn out of the two I was planning on looking at. Not sure how I feel about it but I'll post more soon!


  1. It's neat to see a "plain" bay and a bay roan tobiano together in the same picture.

  2. Love Misty -- she's so spicy! Haha