Friday, December 6, 2013

5 Day Challenge - Day 4

Ok, first off I want to say that it snowed! It usually snows here once a year, if that (last year the snow never stuck). So I'm super excited. Except for the fact that my horses are an hour away and I don't have a snow-worthy car to go drive there, so I can't go gallivanting through the snow on my ponies which makes me really sad :(

view from my window

16. One thing you’d like to change about your horse

How argumentative she is. She's always been like that. I mean literally, her first ride in the round pen, she would twist her head around and bite my feet WHILE WE WERE CANTERING. She's just stubborn and she likes to do what she wants to do. Honestly, she's lazy, which is part of it. It's too much hard work to carry yourself properly apparently. So if I could change one thing, I'd make her less stubborn/argumentative and have a better work ethic.
17. Your horse’s future

I don't plan to sell Jetta. I hope she stays with me forever.

I hope to breed her someday. I have narrowed down the stallions to 2 or 3 but haven't decided when I'll actually breed her, but I really want to raise a foal from start to finish, I'm really into learning about reproduction, and I'd love a mini Jetta so this would be an awesome opportunity.

I hope to event Jetta up to Training Level for sure, but I'm secretly hoping we could do Preliminary together. I really have no desire to go beyond Intermediate level, ever. I hope to get her to at least 3rd level dressage, but maybe with the help of TS we'll go farther since she loves Jetta and believes that she could make an FEI level horse and I trust her thoughts because she has trained a TB stallion to go Grand Prix. So it could be a possibility.

I think there might be some fanciness locked away in there

With Misty, I haven't really applied these challenge questions to her, but I figure it's a good a time as ever to talk about my plans with her. I decided that she is a resale project horse. I toyed around with the idea of having two permanent horses that weren't for resale, but as much as I would love to have a western pony and an english pony, ultimately I am planning on finding her a new home in the spring once I've finished training her. I'm having so much fun with her and I'm going to miss doing western and cow events immensely, but I think she could make someone else an amazing all around horse or youth horse.

I'll really miss doing stuff like this though:

18. Your worst show ever

Gah, I don't even want to talk about it.

But, I guess I will. It wasn't anything to do with a bad ride or anything. Rather, it was to do with my job.

I asked for the weekend off. I didn't get it. I literally never got any weekend off that I asked for, even if it was one that I normally wouldn't work. I'm convinced that they purposely would schedule me on the days I asked for off, especially because I could ALWAYS find someone to work in my place (keep in mind that I was a lab tech/vet tech assistant so I wasn't a super integral part of the team like a vet or vet tech would be and there were plenty of other lab techs to go around).

Anyways. I asked another girl to cover for me and she said she would. I was confident in my trade off, especially because they had double scheduled people for that Saturday, which is never done and the number of pets coming in wasn't out of the ordinary.

So I signed up for the show and on the day of, drove the hour and a half up there. It was a dressage sport horse breeding show, so I was riding in a Materiale class then doing a couple of conformation classes. I was really excited about it, especially because it was my last chance to do a Materiale since Jetta was 5 that year.

I did my Materiale and it was fine. There was one other horse in the class. Jetta was okay. We were still in the very baby stage of riding. But we pulled off a 78% and a blue ribbon which was awesome. What was not so awesome was that I got a very nasty message left on my phone by the practice manager. I guess the girl I asked to cover my shift decided that she "didn't want to" though she was in town and had no other plans for the day. That wouldn't have been a huge problem except for the guy that was also scheduled was sick and couldn't come in. So therefore it was all my fault and I was an awful person and I better come in right now.

I was terrified of losing my job and I felt super awful and I was so upset about getting yelled at that I bawled the whole way down to the clinic. I was so lucky that my mom was at that show with me because she drove me there and then took Jetta home so I could go into work. 

So yeah. That was the worst show ever. I had to forfeit almost all the money I spent on the show, not complete the classes I was really excited about and I still feel bad about it and get upset thinking about it, so I don't. I don't even have the ribbon Jetta won there hanging on my ribbon wall. It's just in the tack room at home. I can't look at it without remembering what a bad show it was.

19. Favorite horse show venue

Inavale Farms has to be my current favorite as a venue that I've showed at. I really haven't been to a lot of places so I don't have a whole lot of venues to draw from, but I really enjoy Inavale because it's close to me, so it doesn't require a lot of driving time and because they are the one place basically that has eventing opportunities in my state. There are several other small places that have clinics or one day HT, but mostly you have to go out of state for eventing, which I've never been able to do because of time and money. Plus, the dressage team works with them to host our shows there and the owners are super nice to work with, especially when we first started out and had no idea how to properly set up a dressage arena!

20. Your show day routine

Wake up ridiculously early. Double check that I have everything (trailer should be loaded night before). Put horse on the trailer. Drive to show, hope I don't get lost. Arrive at show, check in, groom horse, tack up, get dressed, memorize test/courses, warm up and then show! That's it in a nutshell.


  1. Ohhh....if I could, I'd take Misty in a heartbeat. :))

    1. Well, it's a possibility ;) Or if you know anyone looking, then you could "borrow" her from them!

  2. Jetta is going to make very pretty babies one day!!