Monday, July 29, 2013

Show Prep

So much catching up to do!

This whole last week was dedicated to getting ready for the dressage show on Sunday. I stuck to my plan of riding both horses every day, save for one day that I got to the barn late and decided to skip on riding Jetta because it was so hot. The next day I definitely paid for that as Jetta was quite up. We had a cow-horse spook and a buck-spin-rear-buck moment. So much fun. I told Jetta that I won't be making that mistake again!

I got to take both horses for a trail ride too. My roommate JK rode Misty and it was fun. Jessica has next to no horse experience. She came out and rode Tux once, but this was her first trail ride. Misty was very well behaved and even led Jetta and I over the (absolutely terrifying) bridge. She did try to test her a bit by seeing if she could snatch mouthfuls of grass when she wasn't looking, but otherwise was a star!

I took the horses home on Friday and they got to spend the weekend hanging out with Jazz in the pasture. Jazz was thrilled that Jetta was there, I felt bad having to take her buddies away by the end :(

I rode both horses in the neighbor's outdoor arena on Saturday. Jetta was so. good. This is seriously the first time I haven't had a lunatic on my hands when riding in that arena. For some reason she just gets a little crazy in it, despite the fact that usually it's the only place I ride her in the summertime. I was worried someone might have come and replaced my horse while I wasn't looking?

 I lunged Jazz in side reins on Saturday. She just looks so good movement-wise for a 23 year old horse. She's getting a joint supplement (Next Level) but other than that, nothing else. She's never been injected or anything and she moves like she's 10 years younger than her actual age. She's also putting on weight nicely. Her hip bones don't stick out quite as much now. But, unfortunately her Sweet Itch is making her miserable. She looks awful. She's so itchy that she's rubbed her entire face. She's scabby all along her muzzle, neck and belly. I think it's so much worse this year because she was at a place that didn't have gnats for the majority of the summer and is now at home where the gnats are awful. Poor, poor girl. I'm going to try out putting her on AntiHist and see if that helps at all.

Misty and Jetta got baths that night but unfortunately I didn't have a sheet for Misty so by the next morning it looked like she hadn't had a bath at all... bummer. I'll post about the actual show tomorrow!