Monday, July 15, 2013

Lumpy Little Horse

Had a much better day today. Super sore from attempting to wakeboard the other day so I decided to stay on the ground and I ended up lunging both girls over some trot poles.

Misty was hilarious. She definitely doesn't know where her feet are yet so she was stumbling/leaping over the poles for a good 10 minutes until she figured out how to trot over them. Poor girl. She is who I'm referencing in the title. I've come to the conclusion that I'm just going to have to accept the fact that she's LUMPY. She has a big old nasty scar on her left front pastern, plus the place where she cut her hock has healed into a small lump, plus her shoulder cut is going to heal in a lump and in addition to all that she had little hives all along her back today. She's just a lumpy little horse.

Nasty scar

In addition to lunging today, I also cleaned out the trailer and wormed both horses. Since I didn't know how much Misty weighed I had to get out the weight tape and while I was at it I also measured her height. Turns out she weighs approx. 860 pounds. She's so little! I just added some Cool Calories to her diet and we've been gradually upping her grain so the goal is to get her to at least 950 pounds. And I found out she's 15.1hh! That was surprising.

When I bought her I thought she was 15.2hh but I didn't ask for some strange reason, then when I actually got her home she seemed so tiny and I estimated her to be more like 14.2hh. Turns out, my original thought was closer, but she still seems small. I guess that's because my last four horses I've ridden regularly have all been 16+ hands, plus three out of those four were draft crosses so she seems extra small in comparison because of her slight build.

Plan for the week: possibly go for another trail ride on Jetta. Or if I'm not feeling it, I'll take Misty instead since she apparently knows how to behave on the trails (glaring pointedly at Jetta). A jump school on Jetta and might pop Misty over a couple little jumps. Then it's time to get to dressage! We officially entered Misty's first show on the 28th). I'm taking both girls, Jetta will do First 1 and 2, Misty will do Intro B and C. I figured I'd keep it simple for Misty since we're still working on accepting contact. And thank you everyone for your name recommendations, they were awesome! I decided to go with Mistaken for her show name, but may still change her registered name to Mist Your Chance (though that may have to wait as it costs $100!!). I don't know if three names is too confusing, but at least all three names are very similar so we shall see!

And, I just had to add this in. I noticed on Facebook today the placing for the trail competition from over the weekend - Misty and I placed first in the Novice horse division!!! So excited about that, I may have a chance at a new belt buckle to add to my collection if we keep this up for the next two competitions ;)