Monday, July 8, 2013

Name Change

Ok, I need input on Misty's name. Her barn name's fine (I already switched it from Sissy to Misty) but her registered name has to go - I need to find something different to show her as since we're entering our first dressage show!

Here's her pedigree on allbreed. Her name as of now is Henny Penny. I hate it. Makes her sound like a chicken. Her sire is Jakes Hawk and her dam is Barrin Itup Leo. I can't get anything out of that that doesn't sound awful. Her grand dam is Dox Magnolia Bar and I rather like the Magnolia part.

I was thinking of calling her Morning Mist or Misty Morning. I think I like the first better. But, I definitely won't get creativity points with that, as there's 22 other horses with both of those names on allbreed. So, I'm calling upon anyone with good naming skills - any recommendations?


  1. I feel your pain. I never showed my Arab under his registered name, nor our Morgan. I picked different ones over the years and eventually settled on one.

    Misty Moves
    Misty Revelations

  2. Here are a few that popped into my head:
    -Magnolia's Mist
    -She's Mysterious
    -Mistaken Identity
    -Mist Your Chance
    -Clear Mist
    -Mystic Lady
    -Mystic Vision

    I hope this helps!

  3. Love Stephanie's suggestion of Mistaken Identity! The only idea I had was Steel Magnolias, but only if you love that movie.

  4. Misty magnolia morning?
    That kinda has a ring to it.

  5. Misty Wings? Playing on the Hawk name.

  6. Henny Penny? Seriously??? Who names a horse after a chicken?

    I love Stephanie's suggestions. Especially Mist Your Chance and She's Mysterious.

  7. I really like Mist Your Chance -- so cute!

  8. What about a classy, one word name? Something like Misting or Mistful or I'm not sure... Henny Penny is no good though, haha.

  9. So far, top choices are: Mist Your Chance and Mistaken (for SheMovedtoTexas's recommendation of a one-word name). Thanks for all the suggestions, keep 'em coming!

  10. I love the suggestions others have, way better than what I was going to put! Misty is a gorgeous horse!

  11. I really like Mist Your Chance :-)

  12. Misty Magnolia
    Hawk's Miss Magnolia
    Parting of the Mist

    ...and another vote for Mist Your Chance.

  13. Good luck, I am horrible at picking names!!! haha!

  14. Names are so personal. I wish you luck!

  15. Really? friend and I always keep their racing name because they are so special! They are hilarious and adorable...I hate to see them changed :( I vote to keep Henny Penny!