Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Wave Wednesday

It's been a while (a really, really long while), but a full update will be coming soon! More importantly - I finally got to go for a beach ride! It's been almost five years since my last ride. 

Jetta's been to the beach a total of about 5 times, but I was still not sure if she'd remember the beach and be ok with everything. It ended up being the perfect day and both horses were great! Such a perfect way to celebrate finishing up vet school with a fellow student <3


Bay mares rock!

Pictures of me taking pictures of my horse lol - equitation be damned!

My fav picture
This was going to be semi-"wordless Wednesday" but this is too funny of a story. We crested the dunes to the beach access point and there was a horde of children on an apparent school field trip. They were all screaming and running around and throwing pieces of driftwood - the horses were TERRIFIED. We finally convinced them to walk through the group since they left us no option other than to go directly through the children, and as soon as the kids all saw us they started singing "Old Town Road" at the top of their lungs. What a weird experience...