Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Thank you everyone that offered some good thoughts for Jetta! Just a quick post to say that things are finally back to normal. Jetta finally started drinking about 48 hours after her colic... probably because she refused to drink out of her fancy, spendy new heated bucket. In 18 (and lower) degree weather. Brat. 

I finally added a couple regular buckets after trying all sorts of stuff to keep her hydrated - electrolytes, soupy beet pulp, watering her hay down, etc. And the new buckets did it. She officially hates non-icy water. Sigh.

Two empty regular buckets... one full heated bucket

We just hung out at the house this weekend, it was nice to have her in the backyard where I could check on her 3 times a day. It snowed pretty good so I was kinda stuck at the house and did exciting things like watch 5 movies in one day. Though I did get to neuter my roommate's kitten - my first ever kitty neuter (spoiler... it was very easy).

I let Jetta run around in the outdoor arena for a bit since she was hyper from being in a stall for so long. I got some neat pictures of the snowflakes and spent some of my cooped up time playing around with photoshop.

Tiny perfect snowflakes

My favorite


  1. I'm glad to hear Jetta is feeling better :) love those snow pics!

  2. Glad Jetta is doing better! Horses!!!!

    Congrats on your first kitty neuter :)

    I adore that double exposure photo.

  3. So glad she's feeling better!
    Also, 5 movies in one day? Wow.