Monday, June 27, 2016

The Jetta Monster

Be forewarned, I have no interesting media so you get lots of Jetta lunging pictures.

Jetta is back to being the only child, which I'm not sure she's too thrilled with. I have finally gotten back in the saddle with her and it's been strangely... undramatic.

Not enthused

So far only two rides, but she's been strangely good. Lots to work on, and we're aiming to go to a show on July 10th. I'm not sure if that's a good idea or not... but it should be fun. I don't think she'll be ready to go right back to first level, but hopefully training will be doable.

Currently she's getting lunged in side reins before I ride, then I hop on and keep the rides short and simple. The first ride back she was extremely dull to my leg which was so unusual for her.

We did lots of walking and getting her on the bit nicely, trying to get her in front of my leg (unsuccessfully). Finally we trotted and she was just so quiet and good that I even threw a canter in even though I hadn't planned on it.

Is that actually an uphill canter I see??

Ride 2 was done with spurs. Finally got her much more responsive to my leg and we did lots of leg yields, shoulder and haunches-in to get her paying attention. She was really good again, we had one baby spook but otherwise she was quiet again, despite being in raging heat. We even cantered in both directions! Yay for my 10 year old horse actually acting mature.

She needs to get steadier in the bridle, but for the most part she's really steady. Transitions, especially downwards, need work. Her canter is really nice, but the trot needs to get a little more balanced. Overall though, it really shouldn't be too much work.

I'm planning on taking her for a trail ride one day this week, adding in some cavallettis and poles to our rides and working on preparing for a show!