Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Finals Week

It's been far too long since I've updated the blog and I've got lots to tell, but that'll have to wait not to jinx anything. But lots of good news...

Not too much happening with the girls lately since it is now finals week, but I'm almost one quarter of a vet!

Jetta has started back to lunging so once school is out I plan to start riding her. She's such an interesting horse. She spooks at such random, silly things like a horse rattling their feed bucket, the pigeons, dirt kicked up on the wall. Then I pull out all the toys and she trots over the tarp right off the bat like it's nothing. Silly mare.

I roached her mane off again yesterday. I tried to trim it nicely, but that wasn't working so it just all came off. I really like just keeping it super short, I think it really suits her.

Fat and shiny

It's been an insane 90+ degree weather weekend which is very unusual for this time of the year and definitely way hotter than I am cut out for. If it's hotter than 85 degrees, I want to be on the river with a beer. But that unfortunately wasn't an option due to school. Jetta however, is unaffected by the heat, unlike Misty and I. She has been a maniac on the lunge line and I have zero energy for that, so I'm glad I'm just on the ground instead of in the saddle, lol.

Before it got to the 90 degree point, I took Misty for a quick trail ride. I love her little (giant) ears and the scenery on this little part of the trail.

Misty has been enjoying the rest of her time off by being a practice pony for gross anatomy. A few classmates came out to practice external palpable structures and Misty dozed the entire time, except when she get the best butt scratches EVER from one lady. Misty was in heaven.

She has a little bit of white line disease going on, so she got her hooves soaked for the first time ever. It was really funny. She was very nervous about the plastic bag on her foot and refused to believe that it was possible to move her body or even eat. If she did move her foot, she was extremely concerned that the plastic bag was following her. She wouldn't even eat her hay, just stood awkwardly with an ear cocked towards her foot, as if she was trying to stay extremely still so that bag wouldn't eat her alive.

Extremely suspicious

She also got a new fly mask. I love the patterned masks, they are so cute. Misty does not agree with me.

Aww, so adorably cute and grumpy


  1. Super cute and congratulations on your first year of vet school being over. It went by fast!

    1. It did go by fast and I survived! Didn't look like I would there for a while, lol.

  2. Cute fly mask. Congrats on finishing year 1!

  3. Yay for school being over for now, enjoy your break :)