Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Barn Tour Part 2: The Barn

You've already seen the barn from the outside...

And now the inside. View of the entire barn from the back corner by the feed area.

The feed area. Like my little table for supplements on the wall? Lol

Misty's stall. She has the one stall that got completely finished.

Jetta has the extra large middle stall. We use wood pellet bedding which I really like. Also, you can see this stall has "kick plates" for the monster pony...

The runs. We put pea gravel in the runs to keep the mud down, hopefully that will work this year!

The third stall is currently serving as the hay room. I just feed orchard grass.
My dad's toys. I used to keep the hay in that area.

The tack room is on the right hand wall across from the stalls. All my random junk is sitting outside of it.
Inside the door of the tack toom. All my grooming products and miscellaneous things. Red glow is because the light bulb in the tack room is a heat lamp bulb to keep things from molding in the winter.

All my bridles and strap goods... Yes, I have a problem.

Far wall. I have a sweet Schneider's blanket rack for saddle pads. A mini fridge on the left.

Three saddle racks... And I have four saddles. One of the western saddles isn't mine, my friend just left it there and doesn't want it back apparently? My fourth saddle sits on a portable rack.

Hopefully I'm going to have time soon to organize the tack room because it needs it badly. I haven't really had time to put everything where they belong so stuff is sort of strewn everywhere. Excuse the mess!


  1. I love the runs -- those are so nice. Also, I would love a tack room all to myself... that would be wonderful!

    1. The runs are awesome, the horses definitely love them! And yes, tack room all to myself is glorious :)

  2. Seriously love this tour! Your ponies are lucky to have this place to call home (when needed) :)

    1. Now if I could just figure out how to make it closer to school... It would be so perfect!

  3. Love your barn! Your own little horsey haven.

  4. What a great space!! Glad your parents are tolerating having the horses back :)

  5. Looks like a really nice place :)