Monday, November 11, 2013

Barn Tour Part 1: The Grounds

I thought I'd share a little (well, more like a lot) about my barn. Since it's "my" barn I don't feel bad sharing pics of it and at least you can see the set up and see what I'm talking about when I refer to it!

I love my barn. It's nothing fancy at all, but it has everything I need. I think the only thing I really want is hot water. Ok and for the runs to be covered. And possibly for the tack room to be insulated. And the leaks in the roof to be fixed. Lol. It could still use some work.

A little background:

My parents' property has 13 acres with 3 of it for the horses. It's all fenced in as one pasture. The barn was there when we bought it, though it has been considerably worked on. Originally it had 3 stalls on the wall opposite the entry. Dirt floors throughout. We put in half a floor of concrete when we originally bought it. Why half, I have no idea. Then later tore out the original stalls and put in 3 stalls on the adjacent wall and put concrete in the rest of the barn. It took forever for the stalls to be done. I wanted them forever and they were never completed until my senior year of high school, just in time for me to move out.

Walk down to the barn. I can literally take a minute to go from the house to the barn.
Plain white wrapper. It's rather ugly actually.

To your left of the barn door there is my "wash rack/hitching post" which I basically only use in summer.
Back view of the barn with the runs.

The top corner of the pasture. The horses have their big water tank and you can see the arena at the top of the hill and my neighbor's gorgeous barn.

The main part of the pasture. There's a round pen on top of the hill. Grady is buried in the top left corner under the giant pine tree. There's a creek that runs through the middle into the pond and multiple apple trees.

More pasture. You can see the pond is directly in front of us down the hill.

The "lower riding area". Semi-flat, but gets very soggy in the winter

The "far lower corner" of the pasture. As you can see, that's where my brother likes to go mudding with his truck... My dad just dragged it and reseeded it though. It's always super wet down there.

The neighbor's arena. You can see our barn!

More of the arena. My parent's house is nestled in the trees in the back. Also, you can kind of see how the ground drops away on either side of the arena which I think is a factor in Jetta's dislike for the place. It's like an infinity arena, there's no edges!

Bonus picture: we have chickens.


  1. Love the "tour"! I would do almost anything to be able to have a setup here at home for my pony(s, it would probably grow to more than one if I had them at home!) And being able to borrow the neighbor's arena is just awesome icing! Can't wait to see the rest of it :)

  2. Yay tour!! :) I want property so bad!!