Saturday, June 8, 2013

It's Always Something

First off, an update on Misty. She's just been kind of hanging out. Last week her leg was swollen where she got her cut so I wrapped her hind legs for two days and then took the wraps home to wash them and left her bare-legged over night. She wasn't stocked up at all the next day so I left wraps off and lunged her. She looked pretty sound so I left off on the bute and didn't wrap her again. Her cut was still producing pus which was weird (there was no "pocket" it was just the wound itself that had pus in it) and I was a little worried about it but because there was no swelling anymore and no lameness anymore I decided to play wait and see.

Attempting to get some sort of tan by doing barn work in shorts!

It's finally healing now! Since she was a lot better my BO asked if she could get turned out and I said yes. Poor girl was not pleased with me since I was making her stay inside, though I had been taking her outside to graze for a good twenty minutes every day. It's not the same though! She's been outside in one of the individual paddocks (Jetta too, bad ponies who get injured can't go out in a herd!) for the past two days and is doing well. And today, there was no pus! It looks like the cut is finally trying to scab over. I'm a little worried about proud flesh getting out of control, there is a little granulated tissue going on so I am waiting on a call back from my vet friend on what I can put on the wound to help it heal and not let the proud flesh get bad. So, it seems like she's finally getting back to normal and I had a short bareback ride on her the other day just in the halter and then I let her graze for a bit. Hopefully as soon as school is out (next Wednesday!!!) we can do some riding - I want to take her on the trails, haul her to my trainer JF's barn to play on her trail course and work cows... so many plans!

Jetta has had the week off... yet again. This whole school plus cleaning stalls plus three horses is not really working out for me. I finally got to ride her today and while I was tacking her up and doing a once-over on her to look for any new scrapes, bumps or other oddness I noticed her right hind was puffy. Oh, mare. Wasn't sore at all when I palpated it and I couldn't feel any heat or lumps so I lunged her and she looked perfectly fine, so I ended up riding her anyways. I think (and am hoping) it's just from either kicking her stall wall or from stomping around with the flies, or she may have a little scratch that I didn't find that is causing the puffiness. I put extra fly spray on her legs just in case it was due to flies.

Getting a good roll in

We have a week until the dressage league championship so I'm kind of stressing about that. All this time off for Jetta hasn't improved either of us under saddle. I don't think we're necessarily that much worse off for it, but there's still a lot of things I wanted to work on before then. Leg yields seem to be fairly good though there are still moments when Jetta wants to get braced and lift her head up. Those dang 10 m half circles aren't getting any better and neither is our stretchy trot so we really need to figure something out in the next few days. Canter transitions are ok, but we're still dealing with anticipation.

Lots and lots to work on so hopefully we can improve a little in all the necessary areas and put in a respectable test.


  1. Hope all your ponies stay happy and healthy!!!

    You got this show- rock it!!