Sunday, June 2, 2013


I had a crazy, busy, wonderful weekend. This is basically just a teaser post, here is what I will post about later:
  • Jetta is sound! Misty is also looking rather sound, but her wound is still very angry looking so she's not in the clear yet.
  • I went to a photography workshop by one of my favorite equine photographers, Mary Cornelius. I got to take lots of photos of adorable baby warmbloods at one of the fanciest barns I've ever been to!
  • I rode Jetta Saturday and she felt awesome and was still sound Sunday morning so we went to a one day horse trial.
  • I am officially the worst planner ever, but at least this HT was just for practice.
  • I love my horse to death even when we don't do quite as well as we hoped and eventing is still officially my favorite sport ever.
  • Aaaand we rocked dressage with our lowest score ever!
So yeah, it was a good weekend. Check back soon for all the details :)

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