Thursday, May 18, 2017

All the Sparkles

If you know me, then you know that I looooove sparkles. I love them. So when I ran across this brand of browband called Equiture on instagram, I fell in love. They are blindingly sparkly. And extremely well made. And they are not crazy expensive! It's a miracle.

I had been wanting a sparkly browband for my PS of Sweden bridle, but I didn't want to spend a $100 on a PS browband. Yeah, the quick disconnect for the browbands is cool, but not $110 cool. These browbands look almost identical to the PS browbands (without the quick-change part) and some of them are almost half the price. Plus they have a ton more options. I seriously have 3 more browbands on my want list right now. No, I do not have 3 more bridles to put them on, but you know... I can rotate them or something!

Like I said, blinding:

I recently bought a second one as a gift for a friend and it's just as beautiful as the one I got. I was going for something a bit more subtle than my iridescent AB crytals, so I went with montana blue and black diamonds - so basically it's navy and grey. I think it looks awesome.

While they do come from the UK, shipping is still very fast and affordable. Plus they come in a cute little bag with extra crystals should you lose a few. The price range varies - you can spend $100 if you want to, but most of the browbands are around $60. Not cheap, but not outrageous. They don't really do returns, but you can exchange them for a different size within 14 days if you need to.

I just really love these browbands and I haven't seen them around that much! Of course I feel like everyone has their favorite brand, but I just wanted to share mine!


  1. Replies
    1. Wow, I failed. That's what I get for writing a post when I'm sleepy! They're called Equiture!

  2. I've actually had my eye on their grey fade browband for over a year but I haven't had the cash for it. I figure it will be a present to myself at some point this year as consolation for not being able to show.

    1. If you follow them on facebook they occasionally have coupons that they only post on there! They recently had a 20% coupon so you just have to keep an eye out :)

  3. I want them all. You can never have enough brow bands.

  4. Omg!!! The sparkles!!!! The colors!!!! The choices!!!!! I think I know what's going on my list of things I "need" 😂😁🙃😉