Monday, April 3, 2017

Whole Lot of Nothing

Sorry for all the silence around here, but I don't really have many fun things to post about! Spring break has come and gone and I'm back to classes. I'm excited for this term because we start to get to the "real" classes. Not just the foundational things like Physiology, Histology, and Anatomy, but things like Principles of Anesthesia and Surgery. This term is packed with classes, 7 in total - Toxicology, Ethics, General Medicine, Epidemiology, and a case-based small learning group called VIPS, in addition to the two mentioned before, whereas last term we had a grand total of 4 classes. It'll be interesting!

I've decided to start tapering off Jetta's riding. We're a few days over the 220 day mark.... We are T-minus 100 or so days to meeting my little nugget! Her belly is definitely present, although not huge. Interestingly enough she looks at about the same stage as my roommate's mare who is about a month or so out from foaling and she usually carries her foal without getting a huge belly.

I have been riding a bit, but mostly toodling around bareback or without a clear riding plan in mind. I'm so bummed to be missing out on having a horse to train and show. All my favorite shows are popping up and I don't have anything to ride! Especially since now is the prime riding season with the weather starting to occasionally be nice, not too cold or hot yet! I took Jetta for a trail ride over the weekend as a last hurrah before school began. I definitely plan to continue trail rides to keep Jetta from getting too bored, but they'll definitely be more "strolls through the forest" than anything else.

My cute trail pony

I also decided to take more pictures of her and so I made her a flower crown. Cause spring. And these are her maternity pictures. And she's a princess. And just cause it's so ridiculous and I love it so much.

I didn't get the pictures I quite wanted so I'm going to do it again on an overcast day since the light was so harsh. I want to do them in the outdoor arena, but I can't let her loose (I edited out her lead rope in one of the pictures below) because someone broke the gate post and since no one will admit to it and fix it, the barn owner isn't going to fix it either and it's just going to sit there and be broken apparently. Sigh. So I'm going to ghetto-rig the gate to make it so that she can't get out and then I'll set her loose for pictures!

But I did get a couple cute ones:

A confo pic just cause

My favorite


  1. Adorable photos! Good luck with school.

  2. She looks ready for the Coachella music festival with that flower crown!

    1. She totally would go to Coachella like this lol

  3. Omigosh I love the flower crown! Especially combined with the blue sky behind it <3

    1. Thanks! I had way too much fun with it :)