Friday, July 8, 2016

Teeth Day and Craftiness

Jetta got her teeth done last weekend. The great part of having an awesome vet and being a vet student? I got to do them myself!

I was prepared to feel like a terrible horse mom. It's been three years since her teeth have been done... I felt bad. But, surprisingly her teeth didn't look bad at all. She had some points and a little bit of uneveness to level out, but really her teeth were fine. It was surprising, especially since we did 2 other horses first. The first one, a 9 year old TB, hadn't been done in 2 years and she was definitely due. Her points were starting to cause ulcers on her cheeks and she had a bit of a wave mouth going on. The second horse was a 20 year old WB who was just done last year. His bottom teeth were done growing out and were pretty worn down, plus he had a parrot mouth so he had a large hook on the 106/206 premolar and a corresponding large hook on the lower back molar 411/311.

Jetta was pretty badly behaved though. She took the max amount of drugs and was still bopping her head around, making it difficult for me. This is the second dental that I've done, so I still really feel the need to see what I'm doing instead of just being able to feel it. It's hard to see with my tiny little head lamp when your horse is moving its head every which way!

But I got it done. I did a very nice bit seat too, if I do say so myself. I just need lots of practice, which I think if KP keeps letting me help, by the time I get to 3rd year and actually get to do this at school I'll almost be a pro!

Poor Jetta was so drunk afterwards. I had myself a laugh at her expense.

Zero response while the neighbor horse gallops back and forth

So drunk

She had a few days off for the 4th of July weekend and then I lunged her on Wednesday and rode her on Tuesday. She's still being so good! I'm still blown away. We had a short ride because she was just being awesome, so I think our next arena ride we will have to actually get to work on some real stuff, not just walk-trot-cantering around. I'm excited.

Unfortunately we didn't get into the show this weekend. I'm pretty bummed about it, since Jetta's been so good. But oh well. We'll just go on a trail ride instead.

And lastly, I decided to make Misty a shadow box. I got a 20x20" for a great deal and put my 2 favorite pictures of her (well minus one that I'm going to get printed large), plus most of her ribbons (except a couple blues that I have out displayed elsewhere) and her nameplate from the barn.

I think it turned out pretty well!


  1. Love how your shadow box turned out!

  2. Aw what a great way to remember your time with Misty!

  3. Ha! Love the second photo :)
    How cool that you got to do her teeth!
    Love the Shadow Box :)