Monday, April 11, 2016


Two trail rides in the course of two weeks?! It's a miracle. I've decided that since I have half days of school on Fridays that I'm going to try and make trail rides a regular thing. It won't always happen, but I'm hoping for at least 2-3 trail rides a month.

This last week we started at a different trail head. It's one of my favorite sections of trail minus the humongous hill you have to traverse first.

Crossing the bridge at the beginning
Start of the trail

Misty wore her boots again and we had a wardrobe malfunction in the first few minutes of trotting up the hill. When Jetta and I did the LD endurance ride a couple years ago, somehow a metal piece on the hoof boot got bent so it didn't keep the cables in place. I've tried to fix it, but could never get it bent back (even with a hammer). It worked fine for the last ride so I wasn't even paying attention when all of the sudden Misty skittered sideways a couple steps and I realized that her boot had come off and was hanging off of her pastern. I hopped off (luckily she moved away from the cliff to our right) and tried to use a rock to bang the cable back into the bent metal area it was supposed to be. Super redneck feeling, but it actually worked!
Top of the hill/beginning of the cute trail

The rest of the ride was great. We didn't pass a single person the entire time. The hill will be great for Misty's fitness (she begs to differ, she definitely prefers flat ground) but the little trail that winds through the trees at the top of the hill is definitely worth the climb!

Favorite picture from the ride

We ended up riding for just over an hour and did about 4 miles. Misty was nice and dry by the time we got back down the hill (since it's so steep you have to walk the entire way down). I'd like to haul her to Willamette Mission State park since it's my favorite and Misty's never been there, but it's likely that this trail will become a regular.

You know you're an eventer when you're disappointed the tree didn't fall across the middle of the trail better

I really think Misty's starting to get at least a little bit fit (she is SO hard to get fitness on) but these hills will help! I want to feel like we are ready for the Inavale HT this summer. I have my sights set on competing at it so hopefully it works out! I can't wait for the xc courses to be open to go schooling, but I'll take the trails for now. Our next dressage show is coming up in a couple weeks, hopefully it will be good. It's not my favorite facility, but one of my favorite judges is there so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we get her and I'm going with friends so it should be fun!


  1. Super pretty. Where do you park for this ride? We might need to meet up once I get Emi going...

    1. That would be fun! This is the "Sulfur Springs" trail head, there's a tiny parking lot that's just barely wide enough for me to turn my little trailer around in.