Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Boring Update

Horse life has not been too exciting lately. I'm currently on a lovely 3-week break from school, so I get to catch up on all the sleep, TV, horse riding and other fun things I've been missing out on.

The horses are both doing well. I've been riding them pretty consistently in the past week and I've missed it so much!

Misty is having fun being ridden western for the time being, for no other reason than just because. It's wonderful to think of when I got her, how far she's come. She has a lovely little western jog - certainly not western pleasure worthy, but fun to ride and would probably do just fine in ranch horse and 4-H/OHSET type of shows. She's getting more consistent at carrying her head and neck low and level. She gets her leads, does nice stops and roll backs and even has a cute little spin going on. It's a lot of fun!

Jetta has successfully been ridden without trying to kill me, though the super rainy/windy weather certainly hasn't helped in the spook department. It's been nice and quiet at the barn in that usually I'm the only one there using the arena.

She's looking really good right now though!

Both girls are all blanketed up which I appreciate in respect to keeping them clean. I think I've decided not to clip again this year since I'm not riding much. Plus no clippers = trying to borrow friends clippers and most of them don't work very well so it's hard enough to clip whiskers and bridle paths.

They get turned out occasionally by the BM and absolutely love trying to get as muddy as possible.

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