Saturday, March 28, 2015

Misty Monster

Well despite best laid plans, riding hasn't happened all that much between busy-ness at the two jobs and with working on my thesis. Sigh. But it better start improving because I sent my entry in for the dressage show today! I only entered Misty but if I have time to ride Jetta, I'd love to enter her as well. We'll see.

In the meantime, here are some fun pics of Misty enjoying an exciting lunge in the roundpen.

She was super hyper because it was feeding time and the other horses turned out were prancing around and snorting so she felt that she should do the same.

Poor thing got galloping so fast and motorcyling at the deep end that she had the most epic fall I've ever seen one of my horses do. Her front legs went under her, I thought she'd recover, but her back end just kept going and going. Finally she fell all the way down onto her side and rolled onto her back with her legs straight up into the air. Gave me quite the scare but after glancing her legs over she took off trotting like nothing happened.


Impressive skid marks
She got a pretty good skinned knee but hasn't been any worse for the wear. She got a good graze afterwards too.

She's not very enthusiastic about taking selfies...


  1. Aww silly girl! Can't wait to hear more about the dressage show. :)

  2. Glad she is ok!!

    Cray cray pony!!